Western Water RWP Storage Liner, Mount Cottrell

Project Start/Finish Date: February - March 2020​

Client: Western Water

Works included  to replace and extend the Biosolids Storage Area (BSA) liner and surface:

  • Earthworks associated with removal and relocation of contaminated clay/sludge material from existing BSA

  • Removal of all vegetation from within the BSA including within the existing stormwater drains

  • Excavation, grading proof rolling and all other activities associated with surface preparation of the BSA lay liner

  • Construction of CTCR liner and surface drain with all earthworks

  • Installation of DN300 RC class 4 culverts

  • Testing and Commissioning

  • Works survey set out

  • Traffic Management

Cosgrove 3 Cell 1, Leachate Ponds and Cosgrove Clay Pit Rehabilitation

Project Start/Finish Date: April 2018 - July 2019

Client: Greater Shepparton City Council

  • Construction new landfill cell including installation of over 100,000m2 of geosynthetic landfill liner

  • Removal of 45,000m3 of material for new cell and leachate ponds

  • Construction of 24,800 m2 leachate pond geosynthetic liner

  • Installation of new leachate collection system including 5,500t of aggregate

  • Rehabilitation of the Cosgrove Clay Borrow Pits through the placement of 27,700m3 of site won material


Cosgrove 3 Landfill Site Development Time-Lapse Video​

Cosgrove 2

Location: Shepparton / Cosgrove

Client: Greater Shepparton City Council


  • Construction of Cosgrove 2 Cell 4 side liner lift 4 

  • Construction of 750m3 Clay liner under level 1 Supervision in active cell.

Benalla Landfill Cell Two Construction

Location: Benalla, Victoria

Client: Benalla Rural City Council

Bulk out cell two construction including:


  • Clearing and grubbing 29,500m2, Excavation  

  • Cut 218,400m3, Construction of access track, stormwater diversion bund, and culverts.

  • Install Jute mesh on batters, hydro-mulch and sediment traps.