Apex Earthworks has been providing earthmoving, construction and excavation services in the Goulburn Valley region for over 40 years. In that time, we have successfully completed hundreds of projects from small land clearing, to major construction works and have become an industry leader. We have worked extensively with State and Local Government departments, public infrastructure owners and operators, developers and other private clients. 


The Apex Earthworks team has the knowledge and experience to deliver projects and offers safety excellence, project delivery certainty, efficiency and value-for-money.

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Cosgrove 3 Cell 1, Leachate Ponds and

Cosgrove Clay Pit Rehabilitation

Project Start/Finish Date: April 2018 - July 2019

Client: Greater Shepparton City Council

  • Construction new landfill cell including installation of over 100,000m2 of geosynthetic landfill liner

  • 45,000m3 of bulk earthworks for new cell and leachate ponds

  • Construction of 24,800 m2 leachate pond geosynthetic liner

  • Installation of new leachate collection system including 5,500t of aggregate

  • Rehabilitation of the Cosgrove Clay Borrow Pits through the placement of 27,700m3 of site won material


Cosgrove 3 Landfill Site Development Time-Lapse Video​

Numurkah Solar Farm

Project Start/Finish Date: October 2018 - March 2019​

Client: Downer

  • 95,000m2 of subgrade improvements through lime stabilisation

  • Bulk earthworks for substation hardstand

  • 95,000m2 of internal and CFA access road construction

  • Installation of box culverts including headwalls and beaching

  • Wet hire plant for dust suppression and other minor works

Goulburn Murray Water Connections Project-

MV20 Pipeline Construction & On Farm Works

Project Start/Finish Date: April – August 2019​

Client: John Holland

  • Installation of 910m of PN4/PN8 DN450/800mm gravity pipeline

  • Installation of 4 new closed conduit meter outlets

  • Supply & Installation of new Stock and Domestic (D&S) Outlets and off take structures

  • Supply, installation & construction of Simkin On Farm Works Package

  • Installation of new 36m DN600 PN8 Subway structure including cut off walls

  • Decommissioning of existing GMW channel

  • Decommission and removal of existing channel infrastructure (off take structure, headwall, subway, Dethridge meters & outlet structures)

  • Site reinstatement including rehabilitation of farm assets, tree pruning and removal

Goulburn Murray Water Connections Project

CG41 RP03 Pipeline

Project Start/Finish Date: May – August 2019

Client: John Holland

  • Installation of 1779m of PN4/PN8 DN400/800mm CG26/28/9 gravity pipeline

  • Installation of 897m of PN4 DN400/310mm CG23/28/9 gravity pipeline

  • Installation of 10 new Closed Conduit Meter Outlets on principal pipelines

  • Supply and Installation of 6 new Stock and Domestic (D&S) Outlets on principal pipeline

  • Installation of 1 new Meter Outlet on retained channel

  • GMW Channel & Structures Decommissioning

  • Supply and installation of 2 Type B off take structure

  • Construction of Souter On Farm Works (OFW) package

  • Site reinstatement including rehabilitation of farm assets, tree pruning and removal

Latham Road Upgrade

Location: Echuca, Victoria

Client: Shire of Campaspe

Construction of 2.119 kilometres of Latham Road east from Braund Road including:

  • Earthworks and construction of crushed rock pavement with a 6.4m wide pavement, 6.2m wide two coat seal, linemarking and signage

  • Construction of cross road drainage culverts and wayside table drains

  • Cement stabilisation of pavement sub-base through floodway

  • Installation of entrance culverts at all existing driveways

  • Traffic Management to enable road to remain open at all times during the works

Biomx Civil Works – Stage 1 & 2

Location: Stanhope, Victoria

Date: Feb 2018- June 2019

Client: Biomix

Construction of civil works for new green waste recieval facility and composting hardstands, including:

  • 30,000m3 of structural fill excavation, conditioning, and placement

  • 35,00m2 of cement treated hardstand construction

  • 12,000m2 of roads and

  • 7,500m2 of concrete pavement.

  • Interface and co-ordination works so as to not impact on existing operations

  • Works completed 1 month ahead of schedule

St Mary's Carpark, Seymour

Location: Seymour, Victoria

Client: St Mary's College

Construction of new school entry and staff/ visitor carpark outside new administration building including:

  • New entry onto High St

  • Construction of 2440m2 asphalt carpark  - Primer and 40mm Hotmix

  • Construction of storm water drainage system, side entry pits and installation of oil water separator,

  • Kerb and Channel

  • Footpaths

Channel Remediation - Murray Valley 4/1 and 1/4/1

Location: Cobram, Victoria

Client: John Holland / GMW

  • Remediation of 2.06km of existing channel 

  • Rehabilitation of clay liner 

  • 55,000m3 bulk earthworks 

  • Rock armour placement 

  • Installation of 4 outlet and 2 regulator structures 

  • Fencing

Channel Remediation - TN616-618

Location: Tongala, Victoria

Client: GMW / TransCom Connect

  • Remediation of 1.7km of channel 

  • HDPE and GCL re-lining 

  • Coordination and consultation with 5 private landowners 

  • 35,000m3 bulk earthworks 

  • Site access and cultural heritage constraints 

  • Successful delivery of project throughout the regions wettest winter in over 35 years

BP Service Station, Jeriderie

Project Start/Finish Date: November 2019​

Client: Becon Constructions (Aust) Pty Ltd

Civil works for large service station including large truck facilities:

  • Excavation to subgrade level across site

  • Install crush rock base of concrete works

Western Water RWP Storage Liner, Mount Cottrell

Project Start/Finish Date: February - March 2020​

Client: Western Water

Works included  to replace and extend the Biosolids Storage Area (BSA) liner and surface:

  • Earthworks associated with removal and relocation of contaminated clay/sludge material from existing BSA

  • Removal of all vegetation from within the BSA including within the existing stormwater drains

  • Excavation, grading proof rolling and all other activities associated with surface preparation of the BSA lay liner

  • Construction of CTCR liner and surface drain with all earthworks

  • Installation of DN300 RC class 4 culverts

  • Testing and Commissioning

  • Works survey set out

  • Traffic Management