Lake Eppalock Rock Wall Excavation Works

Project Start/Finish Date: July 2021 to October 2021​

Client: Goulburn Murray Water

Excavation and stockpiling of approximately 13,000 bank m3 of basaltic rock and palagonite tuff from behind the primary spillway walls while mitigating damage to the primary spillway reinforced concrete walls

Goulburn Murray Water Connections Project- RO21RP03 Pipeline Construction & On Farm Works

Project Start/Finish Date: ​March to October 2020

Client: John Holland

  • Decommissioning of existing GMW Channels and Structures

  • Installation of new GMW HDPE Pipelines

  • Installation of Meter Outlets

  • Installation of Pipeline Features (inspection of pits, air valves and outlets)

  • Construct Type B Offtake Structures

  • Relocate existing GMW HDPE Channels

  • Supply and Installation of 2 new stock and domestic Meter Outlets 

  • Installation of level sensor, solar pumps, water tanks and D&S lines

  • On Farm Works - site reinstatement including rehabilitation of farm assets,  installation of new fencing, tree pruning

  • Hydrostatic Testing

CG09RP01B - Principal Gravity Pipeline & OFW Package

Project Start/Finish Date: November 2019 - June 2020​

Client: John Holland

Construction of 2.7km of HDPE gravity pipeline predominately 1200mm dia reducing down to 800mm. Including installation of

  • offtake structures, 4 meters, 2 S&D,

  • 1000mm dia under bore road crossings,

  • connections,

  • decommission of 3.7km of channels and associated infrastructure.

Goulburn Murray Water Connections Project- MV20 Pipeline Construction & On-Farm Works

Project Start/Finish Date: April – August 2019​

Client: John Holland

  • Installation of 910m of PN4/PN8 DN450/800mm gravity pipeline

  • Installation of 4 new closed conduit meter outlets

  • Supply & Installation of new Stock and Domestic (D&S) Outlets and off take structures

  • Supply, installation & construction of Simkin On Farm Works Package

  • Installation of new 36m DN600 PN8 Subway structure including cut off walls

  • Decommissioning of existing GMW channel

  • Decommission and removal of existing channel infrastructure (off take structure, headwall, subway, Dethridge meters & outlet structures)

  • Site reinstatement including rehabilitation of farm assets, tree pruning and removal